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Sale & Ticket Availability Ending!


You’re moments away from an all-inclusive getaway! Where you’ll enjoy all the benefits of travel without having to pay anything while on the trip. From the moment you leave your home, to the moment you return to your door, we got you covered!

But you have order now as tickets are running out! Sales and availability are ending.

After ordering, you will receiving an email confirming your purchase. Please star that email, as it will have your order number. This will be used as your raffle number. If you’ve purchased multiple tickets in one order, your order number will be duplicated by the number of tickets. When the winner is selected, we will identify them by that order number and contact them via phone or email.

You can watch the winner selection live via social media on January 2nd!

We will organize with the winner their desired dates for the trip, purchase all flights, accommodation, and cover the expenses for the itinerary.


For more information scroll to the bottom of the home page for the disclaimer and to see government approval certification for the raffle!

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